Josh Wilson                           Chief Executive Officer

Josh Wilson was born & raised in Cochran, Georgia. Growing up, he loved working and accomplishing things. As a young child, he would go out with his father and grandfather and cut firewood. In high school, he ran both cross country and track, which he credits with teaching him about            accountability and self-motivation.

Once high school ended, Josh felt it was time to make some money. So he started cutting grass and maintaining landscapes.  Happy clients spread the word, and the business grew like a weed. He began to hire employees to help with the workload – and Dixie Lawn and Landscaping was born.

Josh loves the challenge of whatever faces him, and his role in the company has changed over the years.  From running a weed eater to playing a major role in creating a successful management team, continuing to make clients happy is his passion.  And as he has met his goals, he is proud of the great relationships he has created along the way. 

Speaking of great relationships, Josh is married to Laura Little Wilson, and has 2 beautiful girls, Haley and Emma, and 2 boys, Brooks and Brantley. To ensure that he will always be capable of providing security for them, he will always provide great service to you.